I believe in quality over quantity. You’ll have my full attention because I take on a super limited amount of personalities I really believe in and want to see succeed. Chemistry between you and me is everything. If we work together I guarantee we will work quickly, efficiently, and have fun together. Fun is the key. Life is stressful. Your podcast doesn’t have to be.

Who I Am

I’m Bert Weiss.

Here’s the short version:

I’ve worked at every level in broadcasting. I started as a teen research assistant. Snuck my way onto the radio. I’ve been a phone screener. I’ve been a producer. I’ve been an executive producer. I’ve been a barely heard sidekick, a co-host and, now, the proud host of (what I consider) the most fun, diverse, personality driven morning show in the country; The Bert Show.

I manipulated my way into getting a live shift on a radio station two decades ago and I still remember the thrill of being behind that live mic for the first time. It’s downright intoxicating to be heard, to have a strong opinion, to have a unique voice. There’s nothing more satisfying than believing in yourself, starting from scratch and having an audience respect you and grow with you.

The elements of a great podcast are no different than what made my syndicated morning radio show successful for over 20 years and the top 5 most downloaded radio podcasts in the country. We get over 2 million downloads a month. That success was built on content and delivery. Period. I was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame in 2020. Every step along the way, I’ve constructed and programmed personality driven morning shows. The kind of programming experience that gives you security and allows you to be the most creative, unique voice you can be. Working with me is different because I understand the challenges, the struggles and the uniqueness of being creative and a performer.

Who I’m Not

A buttoned up consultant that knows what works in theory. I am in the trenches every morning still programming, delivering and managing my morning show. I’m a player/coach because I’m doing the same things you guys are doing with your podcast. I’m using the same principals on my show each day that will allow us to bring your podcast to higher levels.

I bring programming experience that gives you security that lets you be the most creative, unique voice you can be.

This is your show. You’re the star. My only agenda is to build on your talent and your vision.